Thursday, August 27, 2009

Horn OK Please!

Ive always been amused by the one/two liners written in rickshaws and behind trucks and buses. I must confess whenever I have taken a rick, I have eagerly looked around for those lines or when i am behind a truck or bus I am reading those lines, smiling, and wondering what they mean...
These are some of the ones I remember and what i think of them:

  • Buri nazar wale tera muh kala (We Indians really hate black dont we? I suspect the fair and lovely type industry started this slogan! Cmon! my fav color is black...i love my black dress, my black abercrombie t-shirt, my black grey eye makeup and of course my kala kala chashma ;) !!

  • Buri nazar wale tera bachhe jiye, bade hoke tera khoon piye (this variant is so funny...somebody has a vampire like sense of humour out there.)

Dekho magar pyar se (Aaah the romantic type. And you thought truck and auto drivers were heartless.)

Dulhan wahi jo piya mun bhaye, gadi wahi jo note kamaye (lol..this guy got his priorities right in life. )

  • Dont kiss me (Eeewwww...excuse me!!)
  • Please sound HORAN (I know inglis, im deaf and this is the rule of the road...honk honk honk!)
  • Mein bada hoke truck banoonga (i love this one! seriously!!)
  • Maa ki dua, baap ki chamaat (and mera ghoosa! dhishum!!)
  • Main phir aaunga (sachhi? pls dont bother. I hate stalkers!)
  • Phir milenge (duniya gol hai dost!)
  • Singh is King (yes of course...Akshay Kumar has made us deaf with that! and madam jee's pet manmohan jee is a sure winner too! Play on...Singh will always be King!)
  • Dulhan hi dahej hai (wow! thats one right minded guy out there! )
  • Mera bharat mahan, lekin junta pareshan (spot on bro! u got it! pulse of the junta. couldnt hav been more correct.)
  • Malik ki gaadi, driver ka paseen, chalti hai road pe banke haseena (Wah hazoor wah! Bollywood sorely needs you! Anu Malik is looking for a sing writer. Contact right away!)


Sara said...

Seriously, these one-liners are so funny.Also one says 'Dulhan Chali'

Vikas Chandra said...

specially ur add-ins to those one liners.

M@ria said...

yes the lighter side of life :)
@Sara, i now have to add that Dulhan Chali also to it!

thakur said...

"vampire like sense of humour".....great!!
the title "horn ok please"...I always noticed this combination but never did more then noticing
how about lines in front of vehicles....
chintu te bantu di gaddi!!!!
shantu, shalu te banti di gaddi!!!!!

Ramit said...

Hey that was good. Thanks for making me laugh out loud. I really like your comments after the slogans!

ajmal rashid said...

Nice one.

Few more are
"Jagah milne par paas denge"

"Chalti hai gaadi to udti hai dhool
abc baba k mazar par gulaab ka phool"
(Ghalib sb must be proud of this shayar)

“Badi dur ja rahi hu khayal rakhna ….(so caring)

“Iran ka paani kam pi meri Rani” (why?Has it some other combination of hydrogen and oxygen)

"Mera Bharat Mahan" (heights of patriotism)

and the list continues

Shivani said...

hey nice compilation and a good post :)

btw... Arz kiya hai ..

"Denda hai Rab, Sad-de ne sab, Pata nahi kyon"

(this one was written on a truck I was behind)

Navendu said...

A few others would be:

Puttar Jaat Ka
Banni Thani
Dulhan Wahi jo Piya man bhaye
100 me se 90 beyiman fir bhi mera bharat mahhan..

And there are lots other.....Enjoyed this post. This was my first visit to your blog and I really like kit.

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