Saturday, August 8, 2009

Darvidians Ahoy!

Welcome to my first entry on this blog. Well, my first entry had to be about South India! I am a hard boiled north indian married to a south indian (kannadiga - native of state of karnataka) and I just cant stop getting amazed or discovering the southern part of the country. For an average north indian this is a totally different place altogether...different language, culture, food, habits, family way...and so on...the list is endless...u will get to know some as we go along... :) I have lots to tell u guys...

Last week I made a 2 day trip along with my hubby to Bangalore and Mysore (his hometown) and I was roving eye was seeing so much and my hubby is always trying his best to explain things to me...and most of the time my questions just dont stop!!! - what? why? what? why? Yeah, I am the over inquisitive north indian some woud say! I dont care...i want to know all!!
The next few posts will be about what the roving eye saw, heard, thought...its fun guys! hang on!

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