Saturday, August 8, 2009


Guys! uve got the to see the new bangalore airport (sorry bengaluru...personally i just dont like this name change....not to offend anybody pls) anyway...its fancy, swanky, shiny, shops, over priced eateries...its like the airports abroad! Check out their website -
Boy! if u have ever flown in or out of the old Bangalore airport with leaking roof, you would know what I'm talking about. This one is cooooolll...So, now you thinking wow! Well, u spoke to early...since when did we become all rounders :) no! yeah so the bump - the dam airport is a good 2 hours away from the city!!! yeah! i mean my flying time into the city was less than that...what the f**k!! and god forbid if you are travelling during peak time keep aside 3 hours...and load your ipod..its going to a mad fight through the city traffic...Bangalore is a nightmare to live and travel!
Bu, aren't you wondering why should you have an airport far away from the city? This one is reserved for another post :) later alligator :)

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