Thursday, August 20, 2009

Do 2 monitors on your desk make u more productive?

If somethings came in doubles it would make us all happy, like - 2 salaries, 2 cars, 2 lives, 2 houses, 2 bowls of ice cream ...but what about 2 monitors connected to the same CPU on your desk!! Wierd, right? thinks me!

Some bright star really up in the food chain in my company decides that all employees should have 2 monitors on their desk...coz his research says this will increase productivity by 30%!!! Why? How? Logic? who cares! its not for us small fishes to think of that. But, still why doesnt every commercial establishment have the same employee, one CPU, but 2 monitors! Cool...but why should i complain...i have nothing to lose!

My only issue being - the world is in recession and a bad one at that! Businesses have closed down, stocks have crashed, lacs of people hav lost jobs and taken salary cuts....basically all bad things have happened... My company did not lag behind...sacked people every quarter, frozen salaries, and taken to every trick in the book to cut costs - cut perqs, increased transportation charges and even went down to removing the paper towels from the loos :(

So, with all this around who is the bright star who wants to spend thousands of $ in getting each one of us one more LCD monitor to grace our workstation...Mr bright star...please give us our raise, which has been on hold for so long now...we are happy and productive enough with one monitor to stare at! But still, somebody pls enlighten me on the productivity aspect of it.


Moumita said...

That's boosting the monitor manufacturing industry. Seeembleee!
More monitors = productivity = sale of TC (there has to be a demand, what with designing the monitor(NX) Exchanging the manufacturing requirements via Dx to SRM and supplier queueing up = documentation updates (customer is the king)= blooming business = Sal hike(Yippppieee!)
It's elementary!

M@ria said...

Moumita u truly are the next bright shining star at the company. Dont forget me when u rise up the chain...and teri kitni door ki soch hai..u really wound up the whole productivity chain for me :)

Moumita said...

That's, Maria Sweety, called stepping into the others shoe... :P

I mean, think about it, what else, can be the reason. They spend money on ppl to research this crap and hire consultants to implement. kuch toh reasons hoga!

M@ria said...

and who is laughing...the HP guys, from whome we will buy a a few thousand sexy shiny LCD monitors.
and i still cant get over that - one for work monitor and one for checking email and messaging heard that yday as -one for work and one for your facebooking, orkutting, and tweeting....yea wasie dekho toh...there shall be more scrapping and tweeting :)
but my mind is too chota..ur right..there must be a good part to it too...but i dont see it in front of my frozen salary :(

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