Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bechara mard!

Got this as an email forward and couldn't help sharing it here :)

Bechare mard

Agar aurat pe hath uthaye toh zalim,
aur pit jaye toh buzdil.

Aurat ko kisi ke saath dekh ke ladai kare toh jealous,
aur chup rahe to begairat.

Ghar se bahar rahe to awara,
aur ghar mein rahe toh nakara.

Bacchon to daante toh kathor,
naa daante to laparwah.

Aurat ko bahar kaam karne se roke toh shakki MCP,
aur na roke to aurat ki kamai khane wala.

Akhir ye bechara mard jaye to jaye kahan?

Janhit mein jaari, nari hai atyachari!

ha ha ha...guys take it easy...remember mard ko dard nahi hota :-)
nahh just kidin...v love you all!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bald women, anyone?

Bald is beautiful...but only on The Bald Guy!
Do you like bald women? I somehow don't. Just doesn't seem feminine enough to me...just my thoughts...not judging based on any other factor. Imagine seeing a bald Katrina Kaif in her next movie!
Do you think this is beautiful?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So, you have a blog...huh! Big deal...Meet Samson, a rickshaw driver from Chennai. He has his own website - He gives out important information about the city and how to contact him by phone or email. I am mighty impressed with this man's entrepreneurial skills and ability. Who ever heard of a rick guy having his website? Great going Samson. Thumbs up to you! I know you will never read this post...but im proud of you.

Now, meet Sandeep (video below) who is also a rickshaw driver from Bombay. His aim seems to be how to best serve his customers. His rickshaw has a TV, fan, magazines, donation box. He gives discounts to handicapped, blind and even newly married couples :) How thoughtful is that! Such people are the bright shining stars of our country, the real heros who we forget so often. See this short video to know what he does and how he has made it.