Saturday, August 15, 2009

Paranoid states of America

So, racial profiling was the Independence day gift to SRK. Detained & questioned for 2 hours at Newark airport, USA. Why? Just because of his last name. Cmon, he is a celebrity and who doesnt know him!! For god sake uncle sam get real...if nothing pls google SRK !!! I am having serious doubts on US intelligence and homeland security.

Guys, pls the first thing here - I am really against the VIP culture and the habit of making mini gods out of celebs and politicians...the law is the same for everyone...but imagine if SRK is being put through all this, what is the plight of common people who cannot call up their secretaries and the Indian High Commission to sort out. There have been umpteen celebs with last names that the Americans hate...who have faced this emabarrasment and humiliation before. But, no protests, appeals, talks have ever meant anything to big brother. I have had many friends and family who have been asked to step out of the queue in US airports and have been grilled because the computers say their names were suspicious! Friends and family have told me how they felt humiliated, scared, angry, shattered, tense, emotionally scarred from such incidents...but who cares they were some poor Indians of no value and with no rights in that country!

So my point is not against some Mr. SRK or Amir Khan or Kabir Khan being screened and point is about why time and again..again n again the people being questioned, asked to step out of the queues belong to a certain religious cmmunity. My point is about racism, about racial proffiling, which has become synonymous with USA.

Big brother always gets it 11/9 and they make a terrorist out of every Muslim and wipe out nations from the face of this world. Isnt it rather strange, that the President himself is Barack HUSSEIN Obama!! It is a country with rather strange laws. Aren't they the SUPER power? How do they get it all wrong?

I am a world citizen and have a right to have a free mind and live with respect and dignity in this world. Why do I need to go through all this every time I travel? Why should I be harrased and humiliated? What is wrong with my last name? What is wrong with my skin color?

Thank you Big brother for fueling hatred, racism, changing, dividing, and polarizing the world forever and ever.


SJ said...

Didn't know you blogged :)

I agree with what you say the name matching system is just not working.

However I have to confess I am a bit happy to see that the "global" star SRK is hardly known outside the Indian community. Take that SRK!

M@R said...

yea off and and at

yea some part of us chuckles to see that some big gods of here are nobody at other places...their big inflated egos go phissss... :)

Akshay said...

More than fussing about SRK, we need to highlight the flawed system. Even President Kalam was treated in a similar manner, but he handled it with poise. Also instead of moaning, we also need to develop a similar system. Frisk everyone, be it Bill Clinton or Angelina Jolie or whoever.

But neither the media nor anyone else bothers. They're all busy gloating about SRK's discomfort.
Even Salman Khan is giving lectures on "Homeland Security". That's got to be the joke of the century ROFL. A half-drunk, has-been wimp who is a convicted criminal himself, praising the US secturity system. Wow!!!

As for the rest of the things, I agree. Look around you, half the problems of the world are because of the US and its relentless quest for hegemony. There's no altruism, no morality. Only interests. But it isn't a "US" thing. It's only human. It is one of my greatest fears for India. If and when we become a superpower, we must guard against becoming morally impaired like the US.

M@ria said...

Yes Akshay we just hope to be a more mature and balanced nation. SRK is just an excuse to bring to light bigger issues.
Inspite of all the mistakes that US makes, we still need to learn a a lot from them. One 11/9 and the way they beefed up security is commendable. America cares for Americans and their lives...and even after the Mumbai attacks happened we are still as slack in security as ever! Our Indian lives maybe come too cheap!
Have you read about the court verdict in US for one of the terrorists? Read it on my other blog -
Our judicial system too needs to be shaken up and stop feeding kasab Birayani and kebabs!

DreamMaker said...

Very well-written piece! Have just gotten around to reading your blogs, and I like what I see... keep at it. :)

M@ria said...

Thank u maddy for stopping by :)

Anonymous said...

He wasn't profiled for his name but for his connections to some dubious persons who arranged his trip. Just the facts - if we don't take them into account we go off on all sorts of crazy ideas ourselves like this post. I think Americans are nice people just like you an me - I'm assuming I'm nice :) they just hate people who launder money. SRK was clean but his connections weren't. Thats all there was to it.

M@ria said...

I think everybody is nice :) There are no conclusions based on nationality, but it is also a well known fact that there is a very strict racial profiling that goes on in the States...based on religion, nationality, skin color. We like it or not, it happens. Well, good for might have worked for them :)

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