Sunday, August 9, 2009

The banana leaf plate

Hey! this was my first time...and i was excited. I had never had the chance to eat the traditional South Indian way...where they use a banana leaf instead of a plate. It takes time to get used to it, but it was fun. I clicked pics there!
We stopped at this placed called Kamats on the Mysore Bangalore highway to eat. I was told this was the place for good authentic Karnataka food...and so I said - lets do it guys!

They served us 3 types of vegetables (some leafy thing, chick peas, and brinjal) along with rice, sambhar, rasam, cucumber and curd salad. Some bit was spilling out of the banana hubby managed just fine and I did have some odd moments, but I did it finally with a big smile :)

Got some pics of their open kitchen, with a battery of people preparing the grub. Checkout the bananas hanging there. They plucked and gave one to everybody who ordered the big meals.

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