Monday, February 22, 2010

It was Khantastic!

I'm just out of a show of My Name Is Khan and have to say it is a very very fine film. SRK is at one of his best acts ever as an autistic. Kajol was a real pleasure to watch and KJo, hats off to you for making such a sensitive and relevant movie and rising above the drab stereotype you had created as your brand!

What Karan Johar decides to show us is nothing new. I have heard some personal accounts of Muslims, especially in America who have gone through a bad and harrowing time after 11/9. Most of us have read or heard these stories before, but its the sensitivity with which KJo handled the subject and beautifully unfolded the story. You can feel the  injustice, the fear, the trauma that common innocent people suffer everyday in a country, which has become highly racially profiled post 11/9.

This is a movie everybody must see, more-so the Americans. Dub/sub-title it in many languages and show it around the world. People need to know, they need to awaken, they need to be sensitized to the other side, they need to come out of their make belief world and stop generalizing and painting a whole community black because of a certain group of lost directionless people. MNIK needs to be seen for its message of humanity and brotherhood and appeals to us to rise above religion (and other limiting factors) and not judge people by them. Thumbs up to the entire team of MNIK for their sincere attempt at this one!

Also, click here and do read what Masood had to say about the movie and post 11/9.

Now, here is the bit i liked most about the film :)  It put my favorite song from my school days back on my lips...hum honge kaamyab...hum honge kaamyaab...hum honge kaamyaab ek din...
Love the hindi english fusion in the video.


Vikas Chandra said...

oh shit..
i didnot enjoy the movie.
anything wrong with me I suppose

M@ria said...

:-) nothing wrong...just personal choice and what we identify or feel for.

sulagna ™ said...

you know what...his acting gets me moist eyed in this movie..

M@ria said...

yea i many times i was like...that tear is just gonna roll down now. He did an awesome job and Kaju was soo cute!

masood said...

Oh sheesh, I don't know how I missed this post yday :(

Yes, the message in the movie was very very relevant. I hope this will create the much needed awareness about the issue.

Linking this post to mine right now :)

M@ria said...

Masood, I just linked to your post. It was way too good and relevant to not add here.

Vintage Obsession said...

have not watched the movie yet, think will catch it now,that was an interesting read about the movie:)

Raj said...

that movie was like Jordan's slam dunk. quite the hit.

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