Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our auto goes abroad and turns pretty

The world is flat! Really! so flat that our neighbourhood rick drove itself all the way abroad.

I took this pic on the streets of Brighton, UK.

The pricing is just right! 3 pounds for the whole day! Wow!! Our rick guys need to catch up. Im sick of their tantrums and strikes every now and then for more fare.

And im so so impressed with the driver seat belt and that too in use :) Safety standards for ricks too!!...unheard! hmmm is anyone in India listening?

Another pat on the back...yes! its a battery operated rick. clap clap! a real green rick finally! I had got tired of the gimmick of painting CNG fitted ricks green and doing the environment bit.

And yes! its a lady driving it! And she's all set for the long day...has her water bottle and coffee nicely stacked in there.

So, the pan chewing, abusive, oogling auto wale bhaiya - ok.tata.byebye

P.S -Ratan please don't sue me for using your & ur esteemed company's name...pleeeaaase ;-)


Ramit said...

Ha ha ha! I'd love to have the battery powered ricks in India too. We have the CNG ones in Delhi now. Hope they get the battery powered ones soon. And seat belts for the driver? That's never happening! And did you know that in Delhi we only have to have the driver and the front passenger belted? The rear ones can die in the crash!

Ajmalo Rashid said...

Oh ho.
Nice stuff.
We need such change in country of our's too.
In delhi the auto wallahs are no less than goondas.
Esp in the office hour,they demand 15 rupees more than the metre in such a way as if it is their legal right.
They will only take u to areas where they wish.
We need to establish a hotline no like 100 to book their complain.
Then only their DADAGIRI will be curbed.

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